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Discomoil and DJ for Weddings.


You want to enjoy an authentic one
Karaoke the day of your wedding.

Without a doubt it is an excellent option
so that all guests partici-
they pen and they amuse themselves.

This service can be combined with
the Discomóvil and the DJ, to be able
to choose at every moment of you entrust it
ta what but it desires to you.


 Technician Karaoke/DJ

 Projector and screen of projection 1.80 xs 1.80 meters. (For I publish)
 Monitor 20” (For the singer)
 Several listings with the songs of Karaoke
 Equipment  of sound 1,500 W.

 2 wireless Microphones.
 Reproduction from Portable PC, system Karaoke

 More than 3,000 songs of Karaokes, classic and present, in different languages.
 Transport, assembly and disassembling.
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