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Discomoviles and DJ's for Weddings.

Projection of Video.

To project a video film and
photographies the day of your wedding,
it will be without a doubt, a great surprise stops
your guests.

You can give a video to us EDI already
tado for its projection, or if
you wish, we can realise the assembly
of the film with the images, Tex
cough and music that you facilitate to us.

Projection of Video

 audio-visual Technician

 Projector and screen of projection 1.80 xs 1.80 meters.
 Equipment of sound.
 Reproduction from Portable PC
 the rent of the screen and the projector has a 75 cost of €.

 VIDEO ASSEMBLY. We can realise the assembly of the video if therefore us soli-
you mention, we will create a script for the film, with the images that you give to us.
It would count on titles of text, effects and transitions, in addition to a musical bottom
that it will transmit an emotional load to your guests.

 the cost of this services is among 180 € and 250 €, following the duration of
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