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Discomoviles and DJ's for Weddings.

Sound equipment of the Ceremony

Also the ceremony is noticeable
by different moments that it mixes
they cen a special attention: as
entrance of the boyfriend, entrance of no
via, readings of the relatives and to my -
gos, interchange of alliances, companies
of witnesses and end of ceremony.

The possibilities are multiple, you
we help to select music
more adapted for every moment.

Pack Everything Including:

Music for the Ceremony, Cocktail,
Banquet and Baile.
Technician of professional Sonido/DJ,
Equipment of sound and Illumination,
Everything Including: Ceremony, Cocktail, Banquet and Dance. Set Cabin DJ, Microphone inalám-
It includes 2 hours of Dance, being able
to prolong so many hours as us
 Technician of sound/DJ
they ask for the boyfriends.
 environmental Music to the arrival of the guests to the ceremony.
This Pack includes 2 equipment of soni-
 Sound equipment of the ceremony. do, one to voice the Ceremony
 musical Selection and advising on the different songs that will reproduce and the Cocktail and another one for the Banquet and
during the ceremony: (Entrance of the Groom, Entrance of the Bride, Readings of relatives Baile.
and friendly, Interchange of alliances, Signature of witnesses and End of ceremony.

 environmental Music for the Cocktail
 environmental Music for the Banquet

 customized Music to mark the concrete moments: Entrance of the boyfriends,
Entrances of plates, nuptial Pie, Delivery of gifts, Branch, League, etc.
 Celebration and dances, with music varied and customized to your taste and the one of yours
guests. He includes 2 hours of Dance, being able to prolong so many hours as us solici-
the boyfriends ten.
 Prolongar extra hour of dance with DJ and Discomóvil 75€.

 2 Equipment of sound 400 W. (Ceremony and Cocktail) 1,500 W (Banquet and Dance)

 Microphone and Support.
 Cabin DJ: Laptop, controller, mixer, reproducers CD.

 effect and Lighting equipment. (Laser, even fog machine, centers LED, several
effects LED)
 Transport, assembly and disassembling.
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