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Discomoviles and DJ's for Weddings.

Banquet and Dances.

The wedding banquet is noticeable
by different moments that it mixes
they cen a special attention: the arrival
of the boyfriends to the hall, entrances of
the plates, nuptial pie, the delivery
of gifts, branch and the league, are only
some of them.
We helped to select músi- you
ca but adapted for each of
these moments.

In addition to a musical thread that this
rá present at any moment, creates
do a smooth climate that it invites to
conversation. Always, by supues-
to, to your election.

Music For Banquet and dances Standard Pack:

Music for the Banquet and Baile.
Professional  DJ DJ professional Entertainer, Equipment
of sound and Illumination, Set Cabin
 environmental Music to the arrival of the guests and during the banquet.
DJ, wireless Microphone.
 Ample selection of environmental, customized music to the taste of the boyfriends, (Chill Incluye 2 hours of Dance, being able
out, Bossa novate, Ballads, Swing, Jazz, etc.) to prolong so many hours as us
they ask for the boyfriends.
 customized Music to mark the concrete moments: Entrance of the boyfriends,
Entrances of plates, nuptial Pie, Delivery of gifts, Branch, League, etc.
 Celebration and dances, with music varied and customized to your taste and the one of yours
guests. He includes 2 hours of Dance, being able to prolong so many hours as us
they ask for the boyfriends.

 Prolongar extra hour of dance with DJ and 75 Discomóvil €.
 1 Equipment of sound 1,500 W. (2 car-amplified Loudspeakers)

 Cabin DJ: Laptop, controller, mixer, reproducers CD.

 wireless Microphone.
 effect and Lighting equipment. (Laser, even fog machine, centers LED,
several effects LED)

 Transport, assembly and disassembling.
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