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Discomoviles and DJ's for Weddings.

Celebration and Dances.

The celebration subsequent to the banquet nup-
cial is one of the moments more
hoped by the guests. Ours
long experience and taken care of self
musical lesson will do that the day of
your wedding is unforgettable.

We like to personalize each wedding
as a unique event, reason why
we make specific with you “no
bios” all the musical details,
your tastes and the one of yours invi-
tados. Of this form we guaranteed
that the celebration will be everything a success and to
Celebration and Dance with Dj and Discomovil taste of all.

Basic pack:
 DJ/Professional entertainer
He includes all the necessary one for ani-
 Celebration and dances, with music varied and customized to your taste and the one of your sea the celebration and the dance of yours
guests. Home from the opening of the dance of the boyfriends, he includes 2 hours
DJ professional Entertainer, Equipment
of celebration, being able to prolong so many hours as they ask for the boyfriends to us. of sound and Illumination, Set Cabin
DJ, wireless Microphone.
 Prolongar extra hour of dance with DJ and 75 Discomóvil €.
It includes 2 hours of celebration, being able
 Personalisation of the music selected for the wedding through email, telephone, to prolong so many hours as us
they ask for the boyfriends.
Spotify, Dropbox or Wetransfer.
 1 Equipment of sound 1,500 W. (2 car-amplified Loudspeakers)

 Cabin DJ: Laptop, controller, mixer, reproducers CD.

 wireless Microphone
 effect and Lighting equipment. (Laser, even fog machine, centers LED, several
effects LED)

 Transport, assembly and disassembling.
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