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Discomoviles and DJ's for Weddings.
ADTmusic. from 1.989

Our experience of than 20 years realising more all type of events, is our better endorsement and does of
ADTmusic, one of the companies leaders in animation for Weddings, Celebrations and Events.

The purpose is to offer to our clients an integral service of professional character, at the same time as kind and eficien-
you, to a really competitive, without neglecting for that reason the quality of our equipment, as much material price as hu-

Our equipment of DJ's is titled technicians of sound, are formed to solve any eventuality that
one appears. If another they fail to you, we have an URGENT service, with only 24h of advance.

You do not leave into the hands of fans the musical organization of that so special day, in which everything must leave

Modalities of hiring.

We offer two modalities to you of hiring:

 Packs: To select the suitable Pack but, according to in the services that you are interested for yours
 Per Hours: You can contract the service of Dj and Discomóvil per hours. The price per hour is of 90€.
(minimum 5 hours)

How to reserve the date of your Wedding.

In the first place we propose a meeting to you, in which in addition to knowing itself, it will allow us to make specific the details
and musical tastes (of you the boyfriends and your guests).
For it you can visit us in our office (previous appointment), or if it is to you more comfortable, we realised the visit to eat
cial at home. Also you will be able to realise your consultations through our telephone attention or by email.

ADTmusic has own office to one better customized attention and a direct deal with the clients,
synonymous of security, guarantee and confidence.

 telephone Attention and by permanent email.
 commercial Attention in our offices. (With previous appointment).
 at home gratuitous commercial Attention (Barcelona and the environs).

Form of payment.

In order to realise the reserve of the date and services, we solicitd I deposit, (the amount varies following servi-
contracted cios), which can be done cash the same day of the meeting, through an entrance or transference
banking, Paypal or Tarjeta of credit.
The rest would in cash pay the same day of the event.
Also it is possible to realise the payment of the rest by means of entrance or banking transference, being this effective one as
maximum two days before the event.
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