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Discomoviles and DJ's for Weddings.

Options of hiring of Discomovil & DJ for Weddings or we can make a website and online invitation for your wedding with cheap unlimited web hosting and lets the world know about your best day.

We offer 4 to him Packs, with the different options from hiring.

Basic pack: It includes all the necessary one to animate to the celebration and the dance of your Wedding.
DJ professional Entertainer, Equipment of sound and Illumination, Set Cabin DJ, wireless Microphone, Celebration and dances,
with music varied and customized to your taste and the one of your guests. Home from the opening of
dance of the boyfriends, includes 2 hours of celebration, being able to prolong so many hours as they ask for the boyfriends to us.

Standard pack: It includes the mentioned thing in the Basic Pack, in addition to the sound equipment with ambient music
during the Banquet, and the musical selection for concrete moments.

Pack Cocktail: It includes an Extra equipment of sound, to voice the appetizer of your Wedding in one locali-
zación different from the one from the Banquet or Baile.

Pack Everything Including: This it is the Pack but complete, it covers all the services of the Wedding: Ceremony, Aperi-
TiVo, Banquet and Baile with Discomóvil. In addition, we gave the service to you of projection.

Hiring per Hours: Also we offer the option to contract the service to you of DJ and Discomóvil by
Hours. Starting off of the Basic Pack (250 €) it includes 2 Hours, the price of hourly additional is of 75 €, This pack and the plans are possible because the help of our greatest vps web hosting who provide us with a website so we can reach everyone more faster with online business model.
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