DJ for Celebrations

DJ for Celebrations and Events.

DJ's, Discomovil, Equipment of sound and Illuminationfor all type of Celebrations and Events…

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We offer service of DJ for Celebrations in: Barcelona, Girona, Tarragona and Lleida.

DJ's professional, Equipment of Sound, Illumination, Karaoke, Screens of Projection. All necessary for the sound equipment and the animation of Celebrations and Events.

  • DJfor Birthday parties.
  • DJfor Celebrations and Events of Company.
  • DJfor Private Celebrations (Particular).
  • DJfor Weddings.
  • DJfor Scholastic Celebrations.
  • Djfor Popular Celebrations.
DJ for Celebrations.

Service of DJ for Celebrations with Discomovil (equipment of sound and lights) of different power and sizes, to adapt us to the needs of the celebration or event.

In ADTmusic we counted on a great equipment of DJ's professional for different types from celebration, adapting the musical selection to I publish to which it goes directed the celebration.

Our service of DJ for Celebrations is totally customized, if you wish it, we can advise to you on the type of suitable music but for your celebration.

DJ for Celebrations.

  • DJ's professional.
  • Equipment of Sound of high quality, first brands.
  • System of spectacular Illumination, effects LED.
  • Fog machine.
  • Wireless microphones.
  • Data base with thousands of songs, all the times and styles.
  • Music to the letter, customized to the taste of the client and its guests.
  • Environmental music for the Aperitive Cocktail//Eaten/Dinner.
  • Celebration, Dance and Diversion all along that you want. Without It limits of Hours.
  • Video projection. (Optional)
  • Karaoke. (Optional)
  • Entertainers and Dancers. (Optional)

Price: From 75€

DJ for Celebrations from 75 €.

Animationfor Celebrations and Events.

DJ's and Discomoviles

Discomovil. We have Equipment of Soundand Illumination of different power and size, to adapt us to the needs of the Celebration or Event. DJ's professional titled, and best customized music to the taste of the client and the guests.


Rent of Karaoke for Celebrations and Events, with screens of projection, wireless microphones, and but of 3,000 songs of classic and present Karaokes. Guaranteed diversion.


Rent of audio-visual material: Screens of Projection of Video, Projectors, Equipment of Sound, Lighting equipment, Public address system, Microphones, Laptops.


Animation of Celebrations and Events with Entertainers, Speakers and Bailarines. Our entertainers would be in charge of which all guests in line participate and enjoy the celebration dances and choreographies.

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