Rent Karaoke for Celebrations and Events

Service of rent Karaoke for Barcelona, Girona, Tarragona and Lleida.

You need to rent a Karaoke for your celebration, event or celebration?

ADTmusic takes the Karaoke to you where you want.

A celebration in your house, a restaurant, a hotel, a room or the premises, and until on the beach.

Catalogue with more than 3,000 songs Karaoke, from present to the classic ones of always.

We will cause that your celebration is a success.

Ideal for Celebrations and Events of Company, Popular Birthday parties, Celebrations, Scholastic Celebrations, Dismissed as a single person/Unmarried, Weddings.

Typical Rent Karaoke.

  • Ambient music during the food/has dinner.
  • Celebration with Karaoke and DJ. (Optional)
  • Professional equipment of Karaoke of up to 2,500 w.
  • Wireless microphones.
  • Projector and Screen of 2 projection of x2 meters.
  • Monitor TV 20 ″ for singing el/los.
  • Catalogues with more than 3,000 songs of Karaoke, in several languages.
  • All the new features in Karaoke, from but the present thing to the classic ones of always.
  • Technician of Karaoke throughout the event.
  • Lights and effects of illumination. (Optional)
  • Atrezo: (Wigs, Hats, Glasses, Objects and Equipment.) (Optional) To see Catalogue
  • Transport and assembly.

Price: from 390 €

You can combine the Karaoke with DJ and Discomovil, To sing and To dance until the body holds.

DJ and Discomovil

DJ's professional, Equipment of Sound and Illumination and best customized music to your pleasure. All the necessary one to voice and to animate to your Celebration or Event.


Rent Karaoke for Celebrations and Events, with screens of projection of 2×2 wireless meters, microphones, and more than 3,000 songs of Karaoke. Guaranteed diversion.


Animation of Celebrations and Events with Entertainers, Speakers and Bailarines. Our entertainers would be in charge of which all guests in line participate and enjoy the celebration dances and choreographies.

Catalogue Songs Karaoke

Sight and unloading our catalogue of Songs of Karaoke in pdf. If you do not find your artist or favorite songs, you can ask for them to us so that they do not lack in your Celebration or Event.

Discomovil ADTmusic
  • In ADTmusic we counted on a great equipment of DJ's, all of them professionals of the sector, with great experience in animation of celebrations and events. – DJ's Professional

  • Music of all the times, styles and sorts, always customized to the taste of the client and their guests. You can indicate to us that songs or styles sounded in your celebration. – Customizedmusic

  • We work with equipment of first brands of sound and illumination, to ensure the success of the event. – ADTmusic quality