Discomovil & DJ's Barcelona

Discomovil and DJ for all type of Celebrations and Events…

From Private Celebrations for less than 100 people, to Popular Celebrations for more than 1,500 people. Because we want to share this useful information to you so bad, we are using best cheap vps hosting that helps us a lot. They are also helping us with HTML that makes the website looks more appealing.

We offer service of Discomovil stops: Barcelona, Girona, Tarragona and Lleida.

  • Discomovil for Birthday parties.
  • Discomovil for Events of Company.
  • Discomovil for Private Celebrations (Particular).
  • Discomovil for Weddings.
  • Discomovil for Scholastic Celebrations.
  • Discomovil for Popular Celebrations.

Typical/movable Disc…

  • Professional DJ.
  • Present music and of all the times and styles, customized to your pleasure.
  • Cabin Set DJ: (Portable PC, controller or mixer, reproducers CD)
  • Equipment of Sound: (Different power according to gauging. From 300w to 9.000w)
  • Illumination: Lights and effects LED, movable Laser, Fog machine, Heads.
  • Screens of projection and projectors.

Movable disc from 390 €

Movable disc from 390 €.

Movable disc/Formats.

Discomovil #1 (Up to 100 people).
  • Set Cabin DJ.
  • Equipment of Sound 800w.
  • Basic equipment Illumination.
Discomovil #2 (Up to 250 people).
  • Set Cabin DJ.
  • Equipment of Sound 1.500w.
  • Equipment Illumination.
Discomovil #3 (Up to 800 people).
  • Set Cabin DJ.
  • Equipment of Sound 4.500w.
  • Equipment Illumination.
Movable disc #3 (Up to 1,500 people).
  • Set Cabin DJ.
  • Equipment of Sound 9.000w.
  • Equipment Illumination.

Best the DJ's to animate to your Celebration or Event

DJ Tonix…
DJ Jordi…
DJ Angi…

DJ Andrew…
DJ Jose…
DJ Marc…

Movable disc ADTmusic
  • In ADTmusic we counted on a great equipment of DJ's, all of them professionals of the sector, with great experience in animation of celebrations and events. – DJ's Professional

  • Music of all the times, styles and sorts, always customized to the taste of the client and their guests. You can indicate to us that songs or styles sounded in your celebration. – Customizedmusic

  • We work with equipment of first brands of sound and illumination, to ensure the success of the event. – ADTmusic quality