From 1989 ADTmusic there is outstanding by his work and deal with the clients, finding the perfect formula to offer services of musical animation, within reach of all, and combining the concepts of tradition and musical vanguard.

From its beginnings, ADTmusic has been extending its lines of product and at present has an ample range of services:

Movable DJ's professional, Discotheques, Equipment of sound and Illumination, Karaoke, Projection of Video, Sound equipment of events and Animation.

Our experience of than 25 years realising more all type of celebrations and events has been our better endorsement, and for of ADTmusic, one of the companies leaders in the sector of the audio-visual animation.

The purpose is to offer to our clients an integral service of professional character, at the same time as kind and efficient, to a really competitive price, without neglecting for that reason the quality of our equipment, material as as much human.