Birthday party.

Arrive your does Birthday and not yet you have nothing preparation?

You want to give a Birthday party to him Surprise to somebody special one?

Animation with Dj and Discomovil for Birthday party in; Barcelona, Tarragona, Girona and Lleida.

  • Birthday party/DJ and Discomovil.
  • Birthday party/Karaoke.
  • Birthday party/Projection of Video.
  • Birthday party/Entertainer.

A different birthday….an age that to celebrate….perhaps the one of a special person for you….or simply you want to give an funny touch to your Birthday party. Any reason is good, but certainly you want to do it by all the stop.

We offer services of animation for Birthday party with Dj & Discomovil, Entertainers, movable Karaoke, Projection of video with the photos of cumpleañero/a.

With our Pack: Movable DJ + Disco + karaoke we are going to obtain that your Birthday party is unforgettable! sides that success .

Characteristics/Birthday party.

DJ and Discomovil for Birthday party.

  • DJ'sprofessional Entertainers.
  • Cabin DJ: Laptop, Controller, Mixer, Reproducers CD.
  • Equipment of Sound of high quality, first brands.
  • System of spectacular Illumination, effects LED.
  • Fog machine.
  • Wireless microphones.
  • Data base with thousands of songs, all the times and styles.
  • Music to the letter, customized to the taste of the client and its guests.
  • Environmental music for the Aperitive Cocktail//Eaten/Dinner.
  • Without It limits of Hours. Celebration, Dance and Diversion all along that you want.
  • Video projection. (Optional)
  • Karaoke. (Optional)
  • Entertainers and Dancers. (Optional)

Price: From 390€

DJ and Discomovil for Birthday parties From 390 €.

Karaokefor Birthday party.

  • DJ/Technician of Karaoke.
  • System of Computer science Karaoke.
  • Projector and Screen of projection 1.80 xs 1.80 meters.
  • Cabin DJ: Laptop, Controller, Mixer.
  • Equipment of Sound of high quality, first brands, 1,500 w.
  • Wireless microphones.
  • More than 3,000 songs of Karaokes, classic and present, in different languages.
  • Environmental music for the Aperitive Cocktail//Eaten/Dinner.
  • Entertainer Karaoke. (Optional)

Price: From 360€

Karaoke for Birthday partyFrom 360 €.

Prices/Packs for Birthday party

The prices vary following the province where the Birthday party is celebrated; (Barcelona, Girona, Tarragona and Lleida).

All the Packs includes: DJ, Equipment of sound, Equipment of lights, displacement, transport and assembly.

The duration of the service is of up to 4 hours, being able to prolong so many hours as it asks for the client to us. The price of hourly additional is of only 75 €.

Karaoke 390 € 4 Hours Pack DJ #1 450 € 4 Hours Pack DJ #2 525 € 4 Hours Pack DJ #3 600 € 4 Hours Pack DJ #4 630 € 4 Hours Pack DJ #5 780 € 4 Hours
Professional DJ
Equipment of Sound1,500 W1,500 W1,500 W
Lighting equipment-
Projection of Video-
Services of Animationfor Birthday party

DJ's and Discomoviles

DJ's Professional, equipment of sound and illumination and best customized music to your pleasure. all the necessary one to voice and to animate your Birthday party.


Rent of Karaoke for Birthday party, with screens of projection, wireless microphones, and but of 3,000 songs of classic and present Karaokes. Guaranteed diversion.

Projection of Video

To project a film with photos of the Cumpleañero/a, the day of the Birthday party, is without a doubt a surprise that enchanted to your guests.


He animates your Birthday party with Entertainers, Speakers and Bailarines. Our entertainers would be in charge of which all guests in line participate and enjoy the celebration dances and choreographies.

To ask for Budget

He requests your budget Free, and we will put ourselves in touch with you as rapidly as possible.

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Date of the Birthday party

It selects to the Pack or the Services for the Birthday party

DJ + Discomovil
Projection of Video

Pack #1 - DJ + Discomovil 390 €
Pack #2 - DJ + Discomovil + Projection of Video 465 €
Pack #3 - DJ + Discomovil + 540 Karaokes €
Pack #4 - DJ + Discomovil + Entertainer 570 €
Pack #5 - DJ + Discomovil + Karaoke + Entertainer 720 €

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