Welcomes to the webpage of ADTmusic this web made using dedicated server for safety and speed, company specialized in services of animation with music.
DJ, Discomovil, Karaoke, Entertainers, Sound equipment of events and audio-visual material. Here it would find useful and detailed information on our service for his CELEBRATION or EVENT. We wish that it enjoys his visit to our Web, and our services are to him from utility. We are to its disposition.

DJ's and Discomoviles

Discomovil. We have Equipment of Soundand Illumination of different power and size, to adapt us to the needs of the Celebration or Event. DJ's professional titled, and best customized music to the taste of the client and the guests.


Rent of Karaoke for Celebrations and Events, with screens of projection, wireless microphones, and but of 3,000 songs of classic and present Karaokes. Guaranteed diversion.


Rent of audio-visual material: Screens of Projection of Video, Projectors, Equipment of Sound, Lighting equipment, Public address system, Microphones, Laptops.


Animation of Celebrations and Events with Entertainers, Speakers and Bailarines. Our entertainers would be in charge of which all guests in line participate and enjoy the celebration dances and choreographies.


DJ for Weddings, equipment of sound, lights and best customized music to the taste of the grooms and its guests. All the necessary one to voice and to animate the Celebration of your Wedding; Sound equipment of Ceremony Civil Wedding, Music in the Aperitive Cocktail/, Music during the Banquet, Celebration and dance with DJ and Discomovil.

Birthday parties

It celebrates your Birthday party with our services of Animation: DJ, Discomovil, Equipment of Sound and Lights, Karaoke, Entertainers and Projection of Video with the photos of the Cumpleañero/a, Everything with best music, customized to your taste, not to stop to dance. Your Birthday party will be unforgettable. Birthday party is a very important event in your life, to make sure that you and other people will get the best, we are using VPS web hosting so that we can reach out to more people out there. The web hosting has been very helpful because it is also supporting software, like, MySQL, HTML, PHP, and others.

Events of Company

Animation for Celebrations and Events of Company with DJ, Discomovil, Equipment of Sound and Lights, Karaoke, Projection of Video, and best customized music to the taste of the guests.

Scholastic celebrations

Carnival, Fin de Curso, Graduation sixth degree, THAT, are only some of the Scholastic Celebrations that we realised. Musical animation with DJ, Discomovil, Equipment of Sound and Illumination, Infantile and Youthful Karaoke, Screens of Projection.

  • From 1989 ADTmusic there is outstanding by his work and deal with the clients, finding the perfect formula to offer audio-visual services and of musical animation, within reach of all. – – ADTmusic, From 1989

  • From its beginnings, ADTmusic has been extending its lines of product and at present has an ample range of services as:

    DJ's professional, Discomóviles, Equipment of sound and Illumination, Karaoke, Projection of Video, Sound equipment of events, Animation, etc. – – ADTmusic, Variety of services

  • Our experience of than 25 years realising more all type of celebrations and events has been our better endorsement, and for of ADTmusic, one of the companies leaders in the sector of the audio-visual animation. – – ADTmusic, Experience